Malone Condos has a prestine reputation in the downtown area. Many of our residents stay with us the entire time they are in school. Most of our residents heard about us from previous or current residents of Malone Condos. It says something about how well we conduct business when our residents think so highly of us that they refer their friends to rent from us.

See what our renter's have to say about Malone Condos:

"Laura, her husband, and her parents operate a small family business, so the personal touch is always felt and appreciated. As a renter with Malone Condos, I never felt as if my roommate and I were "apartment 207", rather we are Austin and Sean. They are great landlords to work with." - Austin

"Working/renting with Laura was a dream. Laura was always there to answer any question that I had, and very speedily too. Laura even sends replies on her phone so the longest I ever had to wait for a response was perhaps an hour. Every month the filters were changed and the condo was looked over. Also, before every maintenance check (a couple days before) a message was sent to all the residents reminding them that their condo was going to be entered. I have heard many, MANY horror stories of landlords in this area taking advantage of CofC students and just barging in on them (acting like the students aren't paying or even there) or never replying to complaints or questions that the residents give them. Laura took care of me, and she knows that she is working with students who are new to this system, but she was not over bearing. I was still treated like an adult and did actually learn how to handle the real world. A perfect easement to grownup life!" - Jianna

"Laura is quick to send and respond to emails and always informs me 24 hours before her or anyone else comes into the condo. I liked how preventative maintenance was performed every month and how my AC/Heater was serviced and the filter changed monthly. My time as a renter with Malone Condos was very smooth and pleasant." - Shawn

"I just want to thank Laura for "looking out" for my Chandler. I feel you went above and beyond what most landlords do and I feel blessed that we found you and were able to have our daughter in one of your condos while she attended CofC." - Sue (parent of Chandler)

"Thank you for your help with finding a safe place to call home while attending the College of Charleston. We never worried about our daughter's living situation while she was away from home as we knew she was in good hands. Thank you so much." - Beth and Gary (parents)

"I was a freshman entering the Medical University of South Carolina as a medical student and I knew I needed a quiet place to study and I didn't need any added stress of problems with where I lived. I rented from Malone Condos and had such a great experience that I stayed with them the entire time I was in med school. Laura always responded quickly to my emails and had any concerns or maintenance problems fixed ASAP. She also came in the condo at appropriate times and gave me advance notice of when she or a contractor was entering my condo. My friends that came over commented on how nice and modern the condo looked. They put top of the line appliances in the condo and beautiful tile and countertops with backsplash walls in the kitchen. I was proud of my condo. I recommend that if you are looking for a place to live downtown while going to school to rent from Malone Condos." - Tammy

"I am a dental school student at MUSC and will graduate this year. When I was a student at CofC I lived at St Philips Place in a Malone Condo, and then when I was accepted into MUSC I moved into their 40 Bee Street building and rented from them there to be closer to MUSC's campus. So, I have been with them for almost 7 years. I have even had friends that have come over tell me that they wished they could of rented from Malone Condos because they've heard how awesome they are to work with. This made me proud and thankful for my living situation. While I am thrilled that I am graduating this year, I am sad that I will be moving out and I worry that I won't find a landlord that will ever measure up to how good of a landlord Laura has been to me throughout the years." - John

"This past year I lost my keys while at the library. I had been at the library late and called Laura at around midnight to tell her I was locked out of my condo. I woke her up, and she drove downtown to let me in my condo, and even gave me an extra key to use. She was extremely nice considering the fact that I had woken her up out of her sleep. She calmed me down and told me not to worry and that things like this happen. Even though I didn't have my address on my keys she still had my locks changed just in case. Thank you Laura for doing this for me and especially for being so kind during one of my "blonde" moments." - Tara