Move In/Move Out Procedures


You will be moving out of your condo within the next 30 days. The following information will help remind you of things that you need to get in order to make your move out as smooth as possible.

Please read over Move Out Agenda - Revised 3-15-12 it is what you signed during your renewal or move in, which is part of your lease. Also please read Move_Out_Instruction_Sheet because it has valuable information for you on what to clean and how to clean it. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to read over these documents. It also explains how much we charge for things you didn't do at move out. Therefore, if you go down the list it can help you remember to clean certain things so you can get back as much as possible of your deposit.

Please call SCE&G in advance (a couple weeks before move out), and schedule to have them turn off your power. You will be charged for power that is left on after you are moved out so please make sure you remember to call SCE&G. Remember, SCE&G does NOT make weekend trips. So you will need to call ahead of time to have them come on a Friday. Do not wait until the last couple of days to make this phone call. They need advance warning to fit you in their schedule. Once you have power shut off, it automatically goes into our name until the next incoming resident's lease starts, at which point it switches to their name. Therefore, we will know if you have cut off the power prior to your lease end date, and this will be billed back to you.
SCE&G: 1-800-251-7234

Don't forget to call Comcast to let them know you are moving out and need to transfer your cable to another address or to cancel it.
Comcast: 554-4100

Also, please contact Laura to request your prorated rent that is due for the last month you are in your condo. Do this in advance so your rent is not late.

Please make sure you clean your condo. It needs to look as though you were just moving into it. That includes cleaning things such as the stove (inside and out), bathtub, windows, fridge, etc. By making sure the condo is spotless clean you will not be charged for things such as cleaning. Refer to Move_Out_Instruction_Sheet for detailed instructions on how to clean the condo.

Please be sure to call Travis a couple days prior to moving out to let him know you are moving out. Let him know about a moving van you might have or an extra vehicle or trailer. This is to prevent you from being towed. Please do NOT turn in your parking decal to Travis. You need to leave it on your kitchen counter for us to get in order to receive any of your deposit back.
Travis McCaskill: 224-8319

Move out Inspection will be done the day after you move out. You will not be present for this, as it's done by the owner of the condo. We do NOT do move out inspections with the resident, so please do not ask as we never make exceptions for this.

Please be sure you leave your forwarding address on your kitchen counter.
We will send the check to one person, and you divide up the deposit between yourselves when the deposit is received. At move in an agreement was made on the lease as to who the deposit refund would be mailed to after move out. Your deposit minus any damages beyond normal wear and tear, and an itemized list will be mailed to the forwarding address that is left for us on the counter, as long as it's to the same person that was agreed the deposit refund would go to at move out.

Leave your keys on the kitchen counter and then lock the door and slide the last key under the door.

So, things to leave on your kitchen counter for us: keys, forwarding address, and your parking decal. Remember, if you do not leave all your parking decals on the counter you will not receive ANY of your deposit back.

The last thing you should do is contact Laura to let her know you have left the condo.